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Establishing a healthy foundation for preventative healthcare. Naturopathic medicine follows the principles of using the most gentle and least invasive treatments to help support, and restore the health of your child at any age.
Dr. Kirti can help with natural fertility treatment and assist with improving your IVF success rate. She offers support throughout the entire fertility process, along with pre- and post-natal care.
Enhancing the detoxification pathways in the body to decrease toxin load.
Dr. Kirti offers comprehensive in house hormone panels for both men and women, to detect any hormone imbalances.
We view skin not simply as a separately functioning organ, but an organ which reflects internal processes and health of the entire system.
The most significant determinant of health is the proper function of a digestive system. Your body functions optimally when you properly digest and absorb nutrients and efficiently eliminate waste products to reduce toxin load in the body.